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79ink FAQ

Things to know about 79ink

Such a unique product as 79ink 24 carat gold raises a variety of questions.
As individual 79ink is, as individual are the questions that we receive. On this page we would like to give you an overview of the most requested items which we got since we launched 79ink 24 carat gold worldwide.
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10 classic questions around 79ink 24 carat gold 

Why does the ink in the flask have a reddish color and why doesn’t it look golden?

79ink consists of gold nano-molecules dissolved in water. This liquid fractures incoming light into its red and blue spectral colors. This is why the liquid shines in a reddish color. During the writing process, the water component of the ink will evaporate and only the 24-carat gold part remains on the paper.

How much ink is there in one flask?

One flask contains 5ml of 79ink. This is typically sufficient for about 1.5 refills of a normal converter fountain pen and this will last for many thousands of words.

Could 79ink be used in any fountain pen?

Yes – however, ideally the fountain pen should be exclusively filled with 79ink, since even a tiny residue of any other color will diminish the golden shine of 79ink. In addition it is advisable to use a fountain pen with a golden or gold colored tip, since usage of 79ink may leave a fine gold coating on the tip.

Could 79ink dry up?

Not normally. In case it happens, simply add a drop of distilled water, shake it, ready to use.

Does 79ink also contain color components?

No – 79ink consists exclusively of 24carat gold and of course water.

Is 79ink suited for legal documents

Yes. 79ink is a tested, forgery-proof, certified ink.

Could 79ink clog up a fountain pen with long-term usage?

No! As 79ink does not contain any color components, it cannot clog up a fountain pen. Only the ink becomes dry. But this will happen to every ink.

Why doesn’t 79ink shine like gold on paper?

Because real gold only shines after being polished. Depending on the consistency of the paper and the color of the paper being written on, the appearance of the written copy with 79ink is more or less golden; therefore the absorbency of the paper plays an important role. If the paper used has a high density (little wood content), then it has a low absorbency. In this case, 79ink takes a little longer to dry and shines more golden afterwards.

Is 79ink poisonous?

79ink is like any regular ink.

Why is 79ink only available in such small quantities in short time?

Because 79ink is produced manually. And the production-process need’s different steps and for this a lot of time.

In view to the price, how much gold contains 79 ink?

The production-process works with ml = gr. In view to this, for example, 500ml are 500 gr. 79ink 24 carat gold. This includes round about 50 gr. gold. But this is not the main factor for the pricing. The expensive part is the process of production. Based on Nanotechnology we have to compose different content to 79ink 24 carat gold. For this complex production process we need 5 working days to get 10 ml 79ink 24 carat gold. This manual process is the expensive part of 79ink. In view to this background, we offer 79ink 24 carat gold in our 5ml flacon in our high-class black box.

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