Ink made of pure gold - 79ink
79ink About 79ink

About 79ink

79ink is unique.
Anyone discovering the world of our 24 carat gold ink focuses a unique treasure.
It is the new, the creative, and the perfect which is exciting about 79ink.

(Periodic element 79 = gold/aurum)
79ink features three characteristics which make up a real gem:
79ink is pure, 79ink is handmade.
79ink consists of 24 carat gold.
This corresponds to 99.9% gold that is the highest level.
In this purity grade 79ink is 24 carat gold.

79ink is suited for legal documents.
It is tested, forgery-proof, certified ink.

You can write word for word in liquid gold with 79ink.
Together with your individual handwriting 79ink provides your words with a distinctive and unique heir."

Until today it is a slow, difficult, sensitive process which can only be done by men. You have to spend many hours in the laboratory to produce a few drops of ink. This process can not be automated as therefore we would need to sell thousands of gallons of goldink per year which is unlikely.

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